Importance of Wellness for your pets

Importance of Wellness for your pets

Cat owners and dog owners tend to have a go at each other in regards to which of the two is the better furry friend. But if there’s one thing every pet owner can agree on, it’s the desire for their pet to live a long and happy life.

Our pets give us so much love and joy by offering us unconditional companionship that makes our lives a lot better. But because they’re animals, it can be easy for us to take the health and wellness of our pets for granted.

Pets are important members of the family and like us, they have their own distinct needs and abilities. For this reason, exercise and a good diet are critical to your pet maintaining sound health.

Importance of Regular Wellness Care for Pets

Wellness for your pet is a lot more than just a dose of shots. By taking your pet for regular checkups, the vet will be able to detect any underlying conditions that could risk your pet’s overall health at risk.

Since pets tend to age a lot faster than humans, visiting your vet at least twice a year is important. You’ll find that having a good relationship with your vet as well as having your pet’s medical records on file can prove to be the difference-maker in an emergency.

Regular wellness care for your furry friend means you can give them preventive health services that could save the life of your pet. Vaccines, faecal examinations, and deworming will help keep your pet healthy as well as make the vet’s job of making a comprehensive prognosis a lot easier.

One of the most common diseases pets struggle with is dental disease. Untreated dental disease can lead to tooth loss or a painful infection that can escalate to a more severe condition.

Wellness Products for Pets

With awareness on nutrition and health seemingly on the rise, it comes as little surprise that the next frontier for wellness companies will prioritise pets, not humans.

It is estimated that nearly 51% of adults within the United Kingdom own a pet. 26% of the adults with a pet have a cat and 24% of them own a dog. As per the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA), there are about 11 million pet cats and 10 million pet dogs in the UK.

When you consider the money people spend on their pets, the UK comes second only to the United States with the value of the pet industry standing at nearly £7billion. This is a clear indicator of the growing demand for health and wellness products for pets.

Examples of wellness products include:

Nordic Naturals Pet-Omega-3 Promotes Optimal Pet Health and Wellness Softgels, 90-Count

All Natural Itchy Skin & Minor Wound Care For Dogs & Cats | Quickly Calm, Sooth & Reduce Itching, Scratching & Biting 

Natural VetCare Dog’Skin Veterinary Strength Skin and Coat Supplement for Itchy Dogs

Pet Wellbeing – Agile Joints For Dogs – For comfortable joint mobility and ease of movement in Canines – 2 Oz

Lintbells | YuMOVE Adult Dog | Essential Hip and Joint Supplement for Stiff Dogs | Aged 5 to 7 | 120 Tablets

Lintbells | YuMOVE Senior Dog | Higher Strength Hip and Joint Supplement Formulation Designed for Older Dogs | Aged 8+ | 120 Tablets

The Bottom Line

Optimum wellness for your pets involves several factors of which most can be under your control. Just like humans, pets require a good diet and exercise to keep their energy levels high. Honour the special bond you have with your pet by helping them achieve a harmonious life.

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