Case Studies

Woman – Stomach and hips

When it comes to getting your ideal shape, there are always stubborn fat pockets that even the most intensive diet and exercise regime can’t seem to shift.  For me in particular it was around the waist and hips.

I had a number of times considered liposuction but this always seemed quite extreme and invasive. So when an offer came up on ‘group-on’ to try ‘Strawberry laser lipo’ I jumped at the chance to try this procedure.

The initial offer allowed me to pay for 4 treatments, although 8 treatments are recommended to see the full benefits.

I really can’t recommend strawberry laser lipo enough, it’s quick, pain-free and I saw instant results after my first treatment. I was so impressed after the initial 4 treatments that I paid for a further 4 to complete the course.

I lost a total of 6 inches, that’s 3 inches from both my waist and hips, and to ensure I got the full benefits I did follow a healthy eating plan and exercised regularly.  The pictures speak for themselves.

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