This is also known as permanent make-up. It is a form of cosmetic tattooing where pharmaceutical grade pigments are applied to the lower dermis of your skin, giving the effect of perfectly applied make-up. 

Semi permanent makeup is being used to either enhance the face or for those that have either over plucked, have a scar in their brow, have alopecia or have had cancer, or maybe they just are not quite perfect then semi permanent makeup could be for you.   A treatment will take about one and a half hours and that is for full consultation, measuring, colour discussion, anaesthetic and procedure. A further top up visit will be necessary again in four to six weeks to see how the pigment sits and if any further enhancement is needed.

Over the last 15 years, the Semi-Permanent Cosmetic Industry has grown rapidly in popularity. Today, many woman (and yes, men too) have realised the benefits of semi-permanent, hassle-free, waterproof colouring of Micropigmentation.

Who Benefits …

  • Almost every woman of any age
  • Women wishing to correct asymmetrical eyebrows
  • Women who want 24-hour a day beauty and confidence
  • Women who hate it when their eyebrows streak or rub off
  • Sporty people
  • People with poor eyesight
  • Women who are sensitive to make up
  • Women who are tired of pencilling eyebrows every day
  • Semi-permanent eyebrow treatments are not exclusive to women – Men also benefit from these techniques

Semi-permanent eyeliner

Semi-permanent eyeliner is applied with sterile supplies and topical anaesthetics. Topical anaesthetic is applied to desensitise the lids and make the procedure more comfortable.  Colour is placed along the upper and lower eyelash margin (in between the eyelashes) giving you a ‘fuller and darker lash’ look, creating a soft subtle halo around the eyes. Lash enhancement is a more natural look that many people prefer. Other people desire a more dramatic make-up look. In this case, colour is placed in between the lashes and above the lashes. A more natural line can be applied during your initial visit. Later, if you decide to increase the thickness and/or darken your liner we can do that during your follow-up/touch-up visit (within 4-6 weeks).
Immediately, after the procedure your eyelids will be puffy and slightly red around the tattooed area. The amount of swelling varies from client to client .

For men, a very soft lash line enhancement is offered. Just a subtle addition of colour is dotted around the lash line giving the eyes a ‘dreamy,’ sexy appearance. This look is absolutely fabulous for men of all skin tones.

Semi-permanent Eyebrows

The eyebrows ‘frame’ the eyes and influence the total symmetry of the face. Micropigmentation of the eyebrows can add fullness, shape, symmetry, and defined colour tones to fair brows or to brows that have lost hair due to age or injury. Custom blended colours are placed in the brow area to correct an imperfect shape or to give brows a fuller appearance. We use your bone structure (not a stencil) as a guide to create the most flattering eyebrow design for you.

How long does Semi Permanent make-up last ?

Semi permanent make-up is considered permanent since the implanted pigment cannot be washed off. In time, fading will occur and some or all of the colour will need to be reapplied. Semi permanent make-up can last up to one to three years and will gradually fade away.

Does Semi Permanent Make-up hurt ?

For most people it isn’t a problem. For others it can be a little uncomfortable depending on the individual’s pain threshold. However anaesthetic creams are applied prior and throughout treatment to keep any discomfort to a minimum as well as local anaesthetic administered by our doctors in certain more sensitive areas.

Is Semi Permanent make-up safe ?

Yes, the strictest hygiene and sterilisation standards are followed and pre-packed, sterile cartridges are new for each client. No chemicals are used, only minerals and glycerine. Clients are given an allergy test prior to treatment.